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How Far In Advance Should I Book My Session?

It is never too early to call us about your senior session.  I book up quickly and some years I don't take as many bookings, so the earlier the better. I want you to get the best time for you!​

Where Will My Session be Shot?

We have many locations that have amazon looks to choose, we can discuss the looks you love.. If you have somewhere special that you would like your photos taken, we can discuss this as well. If you want a destination shoot, we love this too.  If not, leave that to us. We have so many places we love to photograph. From nature looks that then we go to city looks.   If you don't have a specific look in mind, no worries.   Your senior session is designed uniquely to you. 

How Long Will My Session Last?

Most sessions last anywhere from 2.5 hours to 5 hours, depending on what you want to book. (Boys are usually shorter shoots, quicker clothes change automatically makes it a shorter shoot, some boys want short shoots too) 

What Should I Bring to My Session?

We want you to look your best, so we are going to plan ahead with your outfits.  I love to schedule consults, you can bring some fav outfits or bring nothing. We have multiple style racks to choose outfits.  When choosing your outfits, try to vary them up in both color and in styles.   Send me pictures of what you have chosen, this helps me pick the best locations that will  compliment  each outfit.    Bring your outfits on hangers, or nicely folded so that they are not wrinkled.  Bring rolling luggage helps when we are rolling through cities changing as we go along!

Bring accessories - jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, hats, jackets, sunglasses, watch, and shoes for each outfit, if you like these things.  I have many accessories to choose from as well if you want to add this to your look. I can bring things, usually I have them in my car!

If you have anything special you want to include in your session (like a letterman jacket, your car, sports equipment, musical instrument, your pet) we are happy to work these things into your session, but we need to know in advance so that we can plan for including these things. 

Bring a water bottles and snacks in case you get "hangry" during your session. Most sessions last many hours.

Girls should bring extra make up for touch ups, a hair brush any other products they feel they might need. 


What If It Rains or Is Scheduled to Rain the Week of My Session?

We know that weather is finicky and can change on a moment's notice.  Therefore, we do not reschedule a session based on a weather forecast.  Rather, we wait until the night before the day of your session or even the morning of the shoot and make a determination at that time.  If the weather is certain to be inclement, we will reschedule to the soonest possible date that we have available. 

What About Hair and Make-Up?

Hair and Make-Up is a very important part of what makes your pictures amazing.  Some girls get their hair done before their session and others prefer to do it themselves.  We want you to love your images, so it's up to you as to how you do your hair. If you would like to add some variety to your session, just let me know and if your hair is long, you can adjust for different looks, this is up to you.

Having your make-up professionally done is a great idea because having "camera ready" make up will really add to making your pictures amazing.  Many girls want a very "natural look" and a professional make-up artist will know how to give you a natural look, while still evening out your complexion.  You can choose natural, glam or anywhere in between. Most photos on my site are from the girls that have pro makeup. We know that some sessions are very warm, sunny and humid. Pro makeup will prolong the beautiful looks you want. You don't want to look shiny in the wrong areas, and you don't want your hair to fall right at the beginning.  

Remember your eyebrows. We would also love to talk to you about lashes.   Lashes can really make your eyes pop !!!   You can ask for natural looks to glam, or somewhere in between.

When Will I See My Senior Pictures?

A couple days or a week after your session you will come to our home studio for your image reveal and ordering session, depending on what timing works for you and your schedule. At this time, we will help you decide what products and/or packages you'd like.  You must have whoever is a part of the decision process present at this time. You can choose what you want that day and place your total order, sizing etc. Or you can choose your fav photos, and I will edit and put in your personal phone app. That way you can go home and make your final size and product decisions. But don't worry, we do not make you choose the images to fill your products that day. You can decide after you come, what decisions you want to make at the time.


Will My Photos be Edited?

Yes, all of the final images will be professionally retouched. We can discuss anything you would like edited.


 Can I call and ask questions before booking?

​Absolutely!  I am very low key, and easy to talk to and I want you to be totally excited about your decisions!  248-894-7851